Welcome to R.E.S.T! (Relax.Escape.Sensual.Timeless). A brand subsidy of Interior Design Firm JNO Designs.

Our version at R.E.S.T is to ensure every intricate detail from imagery to placement is executed with passion, integrity, functionality and finesse. We work with our Clients in articulating their ideas, concepts and vision with the upmost regard to functionality, aesthetics and comfortablity.

As Principle Interior Designer for R.E.S.T Miami and DC Metro, Regional Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Designer for Direct Buy DC Metro Market, and Design Member for the The Design Network; we pride ourselves in leveraging elements of design psychology in creating a lifestyle, livable and lovable spaces evoking a state R.E.S.T.

Come, Live and Be in a state of R.E.S.T!


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